Investor Opportunities

Our plan is to expand the Owl Ridge concept to other areas across the state and within the region. We believe our unique cabin concept offers something incredibly exciting within the growing lodging market and will yield a positive investor return. We are open to partnering on this concept and are seeking a minimum of $100,000 per investor with a minimum five-year commitment. The investment will be real estate backed and offer an 8% return. If you are open to such an investment, please contact us to learn more.

Background of Principals
Outside of the Owl Ridge Cabin, Randy and Sara Bangs have an extensive background in the lodging industry. They currently own and operate the Stewart Inn in Wausau which is Wisconsin’s top-rated hotel. In 5 1/2 years, they have more than tripled the revenue per room of the previous owners despite the property having been closed for five years prior to re-opening.
In addition to the Stewart Inn, Randy and Sara were 50% owners of the Kalamazoo House Bed and Breakfast in Kalamazoo, MI until December, 2021. They sold their 50% interest in the business one year after purchasing it and made a $310,000 profit. Prior to the Stewart Inn, Randy and Sara owned and operated Pleasant Street Bed and Breakfast in Oconomowoc, WI for two years and Randy managed the Allyn Mansion in Delavan, WI for another two years.

For the past five years, Randy has been a marketing consultant to more than 30 bed and breakfasts and/or inns across the US. He has had an incredible track record of growing his client’s top-line and bottom-line numbers with the majority growing their revenue more than $50,000 within one year and multiple clients growing their revenue more than $200,000 within 2 ½ years.
Randy is a member of the Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association Board and serves as its Marketing Chair.

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